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2017 Results: Cambodia

In 2017, GGGI supported Cambodia’s green urban development by delivering policies and strategies to guide the sustainable development of the country’s rapidly growing secondary cities. 

2017 Results: Colombia

The Government of Norway disbursed USD 15 million to the Government of Colombia in 2017, as a result of Colombia, with GGGI support, achieving 26 programmatic green growth milestones.

2017 Results: Fiji

In 2017, GGGI contributed to the development Fiji’s Nationally Determined Contribution Roadmap, as well as its official launch at COP23 in Bonn, Germany.

2017 Results: Indonesia

In 2017, GGGI contributed to the planning for sustainable forestry and land-use in Indonesia’s East Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan provinces.

2017 Results: Mongolia

In 2017, GGGI helped establish the Mongolia Green Credit Fund as a national financing vehicle to access climate finance in support of meeting NDC targets.

2017 Results: Rwanda

GGGI developed strategic plans for Rwanda’s secondary cities in 2017, so that they may sustainably become poles of inclusive, green economic growth.

2017 Results: Thailand

In 2017, GGGI developed a Nationally Determined Contribution Action-Plan for Thailand’s industrial sector, which is the country’s largest greenhouse gas emitter.

2017 Results: United Arab Emirates

GGGI supported the adoption of the UAE’s National Climate Change Plan in 2017, which will guide the country’s efforts to tackle climate change through mitigation, adaptation and private sector-led diversification strategies.

2017 Results: China

In 2017, GGGI supported the greening of China’s Belt and Road Initiative by contributing to the development of the Government of China’s official guidelines to green key sectors within the Belt and Road initiative.

2017 Results: Ethiopia

GGGI supported the Government of Ethiopia mobilize over USD 330 million in private sector finance for Ethiopia’s Mekelle City Water Project, which will increase the supply of clean water in the city and surrounding areas.

2017 Results: India

GGGI's work in the State of Karnataka resulted in the commitment of USD 30 million, in 2017, to introduce 150 electric buses in Bangalore.

2017 Results: Jordan

GGGI supported the adoption of the National Green Growth Plan by Jordan’s Cabinet in 2017, which will guide the country’s interventions across 6 sectors.  

2017 Results: Philippines

In 2017, GGGI built capacity among local government stakeholders in the Palawan Province to deliver climate resilient, green growth.

2017 Results: Senegal

In 2017, GGGI helped to design and establish Senegal’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund to accelerate the country’s access to climate finance.

2017 Results: Uganda

GGGI contributed to the development, finalization and adoption of the Uganda Green Growth Development Strategy in 2017.

2017 Results: Viet Nam

In 2017, GGGI delivered a Nationally Determined Contribution Action-Plan for Viet Nam’s urban sector, which will support the country achieve its targets under the Paris Agreement.

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