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Strategic Framework

The Refreshed Strategic Plan 2015-2020, approved by GGGI’s Council in 2017, provides the strategic and policy framework for GGGI’s programmatic work to support Member and partner countries transition toward a green growth pathway and serves as a statement of intent to GGGI’s stakeholders.

It includes six new Strategic Outcomes (SOs) of direct relevance to the national development goals of Member and partner countries and their  Commitments to National Determined Contributions (NDCs) and Strategic Development Goals (SDGs). These SOs represent the high level and longer-term impacts of GGGI’s programs and projects in supporting the transformation of member and partner countries. They are presented in the image below.

The six SOs are supported by three Intermediate Outcomes (IOs) which define the three broad areas of GGGI’s interventions. They are:

IO 1: Strengthening national and sub-national green growth planning, financial and institutional frameworks.
IO 2: Catalyzing increased flows of green investments.
IO 3: Multi-directional knowledge sharing and learning and capacity building.

GGGI’s programs are designed to deliver one or more of these three IOs under four core thematic areas, which are:

  1. Sustainable energy.
  2. Sustainable landscapes.
  3. Water and sanitation.
  4. Green cities.

GGGI’s programs and projects are delivered within the above focal areas at the activities, outputs, outcomes and impact levels. GGGI has direct control and influence over the results at the activities and output levels. However, it has less control and exclusive influence over results at the higher outcome and impact levels which can be attributed to many other factors including GGGI’s interventions. The project results at the output, outcome and impact levels are reported annually through the End of Year (EOY) projects results reports, and then aggregated and measured against the Refreshed Corporate Results Framework 2015-2020 (see here).

Overview of Work Program Budget 2017-2018

In 2018, GGGI continued to deliver on strategic outcomes and policy priorities set out in its Refreshed Strategic Plan 2015-2020 and Work Program and Budget (WPB) 2017-2018. The WPB is the main tool for delivering the strategic goals of GGGI to affect the transformational change of its

Member and partner countries. Over the course of the year, GGGI continued to strengthen the integration of its business units to enable and enhance impact of on the ground delivery. Since 2017, GGGI has shifted strategic focus toward the ‘right side’ of its Value Chain (see below) with the clear intention to accelerate the implementation of green growth projects and transformational change in Member and partner countries, and ensure greater visibility of green growth outcomes and impacts.

GGGI’s Value Chain

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