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Empowering Our People

A people-centered approach to lead organizational change

At GGGI, we believe that our people are our biggest strength.

Our approach and policies are people-centered in order to make GGGI a nimble organization and a great place to work.


We’re supporting everyone in realizing their full potential by:

• Putting upskilling, conflict resolution, health and wellbeing at the center of our culture.
• Nurturing an environment of social connection, diversity and inclusion.
• Investing in the technology, tools, systems and performance management.

Our people

As part of its organizational transformation, GGGI aims to create an agile, mobile, and responsive workforce which maximizes knowledge and experience sharing across divisions, departments, programs and countries and builds synergies across our program portfolio.

To attract and retain the right talents, strategic staffing exercises were conducted to identify future gaps in skills set against operational plans. Throughout this strategic planning period, we rationalized internal and external recruitments, empowered managers, consolidated and redeployed staff to amplify our capabilities to achieve cost-effective allocation of in-house expertise across and within divisions.

 Today, staff at GGGI have an appropriate mix of skills and experience to meet the demands of the organization and at the same time, ensure that we retain the flexibility to address changing priorities and demands over time.

We also now have greater in-house and country team capacity, with a number of people with particular expertise for instance in green project management, finance, energy, sustainable landscape, green cities, water and sanitation. We
support projects with existing staff but in the absence of inhouse capacity, we rely on expert consultants. These experts are carefully chosen based on a rigorous procurement process and retained on a long-term basis to ensure continuity and commitment.
Having in-country presence with a client-oriented workforce is a key determining factor in effective engagement of country stakeholders. As a result, the number of staff posted in country teams gradually increased over the years. More positions were established and filled in country operations.
Several staff originally based at the headquarters have been permanently transferred to the country offices. We currently have staff embedded in our government ministries of Finance,Environment, Agriculture, Water and Sanitation, Ministry of Urbanism, Housing and Public Hygiene, to name a few.

Number of Staff, Consultant FTE and Intern FTE
Hq vs Countries

Developing capability for performance

At GGGI, we are investing in our people so that they have the right skills and are supported by a healthy workplace culture that is inclusive and collaborative. Many talent management initiatives took place in 2019 to attract, grow and retain our people.

GGGI benefits from an increasingly diverse and young global workforce dynamic. For this reason, greater emphasis was placed on staff development to upgrade existing capacity and provide staff members with the opportunity to learn and grow.
The approach to developing the knowledge, skills or experience of our people demanded that we first  nderstand the gap between what they are able to do and what you want them to be able to do in the future. In order to do so, an organization‑wide training needs analysis was carried out in consultation with all stakeholders, including individual staff via surveys. This led to a new learning and development program for implementation in 2020 that takes into account the needs of individuals and teams coupled by incentives such as rewards for completing a project management certification.

A comprehensive talent management approach was also introduced starting with a revamped onboarding process, the introduction of HR dashboard with Microsoft Power Business Intelligence and a number of new learning and development programs centered around emerging leadership and mentoring, including GGGI’s first leadership program, a global mentoring program and monthly webinars for training and continuous professional development for all staff.

Social connection – online and offline – is highly valued at GGGI. Our people are supported by a healthy workplace culture that is inclusive and collaborative with a strong flexible working policy for all and initiatives for health & wellbeing sessions, as well as, regular staff social activities throughout the year. We’ve also installed new technology such as SharePoint, along with Yammer and other internal tools to ensure cost effective connectivity and collaboration among staff members, creating virtual knowledge communities and effective communication system in the organization.

We have also created a more favorable organizational mobility environment whereby we upscaled the international staff rotation scheme and provided opportunities for short and long-term term special assignments for both national and international staff at the headquarters and across countries
of operations. We’ve also created pathways for career advancement for national staff in Korea and in country offices.

In terms of gender balance, we are committed to social responsibility principles in ensuring workforce diversity and gender balance. While efforts are required to recruit more women at the senior level, GGGI has maintained a gender balance across the organization and the data does not show a gender salary gap.

Staff engagement

Overall, the 2019 results are very positive with a strong participation from staff (over 75%) and 83% of all employees stated that they are proud to work for GGGI.

The overall favorable engagement score has steadily increased from 48% in the 2016 survey to 63% in the 2019 survey – a very significant 15% increase. There has also been steady improvement over the last three years in the organization’s confidence and managers, collaboration & communication, and work & life balance.

The results were widely shared with all staff and the Staff Council, and the Management Team organized wide consultations with the Heads of Unit and the Staff Council to help with the development of an action by targeted focus areas, and follow-up on action plans.

Employee relations

Maintaining healthy employee relations at GGGI is considered important. We believe that staff members should feel positive about their identity, their job as well as about being a part of a great organization.

In our day-to-day modus operandi, staff are well-informed of organization policies, procedures and decisions through internal communication channels. We strive to provide compensation and benefits paid fairly based on talents, skills and competencies.

Staff are also rewarded and appreciated for the well-done job or for  achieving/over-meeting their targets. Further, performance management at GGGI has been strengthened. Managers and staff have now a software solution that allows for giving and receiving feedback year-round. The 360-degree feedback has been reintroduced and now covers all managers as part of the annual performance review.

Conflict resolution is also at the core of our concerns. Since 2018, we have improved our informal and formal conflict resolution mechanisms to foster a healthy and safe work environment with a gender, division and  geographically balanced network of Global Respectful Workplace Advisors.

A new Ombudsman was hired to help staff, support the Global Respectful Workplace Advisors and produce regular reports on systemic issues causing conflict in the workplace.

The staff rules were revised to strengthen informal conflict resolution and to establish appeals mechanisms based on international standards, with the possibility for staff to appeal administrative decisions before the International Labour Organization Administrative Tribunal (ILOAT) since 30 October 2019. Mid-year, GGGI joined the Ethics Network for Multilateral Organizations (ENMO) as a standing member and established a focal point for ethics in the HR department to advise staff on code of conduct related issues.

Staff council

The GGGI Staff Council is a group of nine (9) staff elected by peers. Their main role is to represent and advocate the views of staff on matters related to working conditions and welfare to Management.

During 2019, the Staff Council worked constructively with Management and other units on a range of matters, to help identify relevant issues and, where possible, contribute to changes in organizational policies and practices.

Key activities included:

 • Surveying the implications of Host Country Agreement status for country operations and staff and recommending actions to mitigate identified risks.

• Providing recommendations on the use of 360 feedback in GGGI’s staff performance management systems
• Facilitating communication between Management and staff on key decisions regarding GGGI’s budget for 2020
• Providing feedback and suggestions on other topics including onboarding, learning and development, gender and
diversity, performance improvement and the annual GGGI staff engagement survey

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