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Greening GGGI

In 2019, GGGI significantly reduced its carbon emission by continuing to drive an organization-wide cooperation for green operations. Throughout the year, various green office initiatives, awareness campaigns, and outreach activities were actively promoted by GGGI offices worldwide to achieve sustainable operations and continued to encourage individual greening efforts as well as engaging and influencing GGGI partners and communities to promote a green culture.

Key accomplishments for 2019 include the launch of “Greening GGGI” webpage, which highlights GGGI’s greening efforts and initiatives throughout the years, and the Green Office Month, a month-long campaign in its third year with second edition of the online magazine GREENISM, showcasing the World Environment Day event and organization-wide eco-competition, along with showcases of environmental sustainability efforts by GGGI offices across the globe. Many of GGGI country offices actively engaged with GGGI partners in countries, collaborating to promote sustainability efforts. The Global Green Growth Week 2019 also showcased GGGI’s efforts to promote green culture by hosting a more environmentally sustainable event to be benchmarked by its partners.

Air Travel and Facility Operations

In 2019, GGGI continued its efforts to measure and reduce its carbon missions. Using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology, GGGI evaluated its carbon emissions from Air Travel and Facility Operations in offices worldwide.

In 2019, GGGI emitted total of 1,228 tons of CO2 (tCO2 ), decreasing its total emission by 34.2% compared to the previous year. Air Travel and Facility Operations emissions stood at 990 and 238 tons, respectively. Air Travel  emissions decreased 33.7% from the previous year primarily due to a significant decrease in the total number of flights undertaken by GGGI staff. Facilities’ emissions also decreased 36.0%, with a significant drop (70.7%) in emissions at Seoul HQ, contributing to GGGI’s efforts to achieve a greener operation by creating a LEED certified office environment in 2018.
Per Capita Carbon Emissions
Compared to results from the UN Greening the Blue Report 2019, GGGI has achieved lower tCO2 per personnel emission average than the average emission figures from other United Nations organizations in 2019.
Additional Efforts to Reduce

Since 2014, GGGI HQ has been measuring and monitoring its paper consumption. As indicated in the graph on the right, GGGI HQ continued to reduce its paper consumption each year, effectively reducing the annual consumption by 80.7% compared to when it first started measuring and began its efforts to reduce paper usage in 2014.

Looking Ahead

GGGI will practice what it preaches to become the greenest possible organization it can be. This includes, but is not limited to, targeting to become a zero-carbon organization by 2050 or earlier. As a significant milestone to this ambition GGGI targets to reduce its greenhouse gas emission per employee by 40% in 2030 over a 2015 baseline, both through targeting green office
operations and lowering emissions caused by GGGI’s travel.

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